Technology |June 11, 2019

What is SD/WAN?

Rob Freebird
June 11, 2019

Simply put SD/WAN is the next best thing in the world of networking. If your company has multiple locations that need to talk to each other over the internet this technology is for you. SD/WAN by definition is a Software Defined Wide Area Network. The software here is the key in making the best connection possible through the internet.

The added benefit of the technology is the simplicity of setup and management. Compared to older technologies like DMVPN one office change could result in making changes to all other office networks. With SD/WAN all offices communicate software changes to the other offices and routes and IP Changes are automatically changed within seconds.

The last and most important feature of SD/WAN is security. Like a traditional VPN the connections to the cloud and to each other are using the IPsec, but with a software backend the connections can be torn down and rebuilt without any human intervention or error. This allows for easy upgrades and very little down time for maintenance.
There are other solutions that may provide a lower latency and higher availability but come at a cost. If you are considering expanding or upgrading your current infrastructure with an affordable solution, please consider using SD/WAN.

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