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We’ve Been Working From Home For Almost A Year. How’s Your Tech Holding Up?

Devin Watt
February 18, 2021

Most companies have had at least some of their staff working remotely since March of 2020 at the onset of the pandemic. It was uncharted territory—and many of the transitions were rushed. That can be explained as a result of many of us thinking this would be temporary, but many places have gone through another round of shut downs, and many businesses are seeing the benefits of remote working.

But prolonged or even permanent remote work can’t operate effectively on temporary solutions for tech, like using personal devices and mobile numbers. Now, almost a year in, the pandemic and shutdown have transitioned beyond emergency conditions and are a reality we have to deal with for the foreseeable future.

At NuWave Technology Partners, we specialize in developing solutions through Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) and Managed Service Provider (MSP) services, designed to strengthen communication, data security, and business agility. This may be just what you need to get your organization running more smoothly and efficiently as we contend with the global health crisis.

UCaaS Service

Many of your team members haven’t set foot inside corporate offices since March of 2020. Now, they only make appearances via email, text messages, voicemails, and video conferences. Communicating only through technology at a distance is not inherently a prescription for success, and companies have certainly had some issues in making virtual communications meaningful and productive.

Establishing Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) in your organization and maintaining control over the means of communication can relieve a lot of the stress and frustration for the whole team with better information security, assigned devices, and established processes. For example It’s not really in your best interest to allow employees to use their own technology for business purposes. You’d want the ability to wipe their smartphones’ memory clean from remote in case you’ve detected malware or other compromises in their devices, but it’s hard to justify wiping someone’s personal device. Additionally, your team probably doesn’t like using their personal devices for work, especially if this requires someone to give their personal phone number to a client.

Requiring workers to use company-issued devices, from laptops to tablets to smartphones, lets you keep them upgraded to the latest operating system automatically, which enhances security as well as makes sure everyone is working from the same technology base.

With UCaaS services established, workers can communicate more effectively with one another as well as with customers, vendors, and investors.

Another consideration is that employees will need to change their habits. They can’t just get up from their cubicle to speak with technical support about their problem when working from home, after all. Many organizations address this situation by implementing Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) to improve their ability to solve IT problems from remote.

Make sure you speak with your provider about SASE options when arranging for overall UCaaS services. There’s a likelihood that even after the pandemic, more of your workers will continue to work from home, highlighting the importance of boosting security now.

MSP Service

One of the problems you’re trying to address is the unpredictable nature of expenses in information technology, especially with your team working in multiple locations. This is where working with a Managed Service Provider can make a big difference in your organization.

When you lack a full-fledged IT department of your own, the options are to go with a compromised solution that doesn’t really address all your problems, or to work with an established third party such as the team at NuWave Technology Partners.

Outsourcing MSP service will help you get more control over such areas as budgeting and planning for the year, maintaining a healthy infrastructure, and boost the overall quality of your information technology structure and support.

There are also risk management issues to consider, with criminal hackers constantly trying to access systems with malware so they can steal data from your network. NuWave Technology Partners is an ideal resource for you to enhance security and boost your company’s efficiency. We know how to quickly analyze and identify flaws in a company’s system to evaluate its operational effectiveness and then devise a solution.

A hazard of letting employees work from home or out of the office is that you aren’t able to easily verify how secure their setup is. Are they using home Wi-Fi they pay for, or public Wi-Fi from a hotel or other local business that’s not secure? Working with a managed IT services provider helps you avoid such pitfalls and set up more secure channels with professional oversight and supervision.

Meanwhile, your MSP partner can monitor the state of your system, making it easier to provide insight into your future needs, from equipment upgrades to improving bandwidth for the unified communications you’re relying on with voice, text and video. Work from home tech will suit your requirements if you carefully plan, vet and maintain the setups with MSP service professionals.

Strengthen Your Organization's Communication & Data Security to Become More Agile

The global pandemic is teaching us lessons on how to conduct business during extraordinary circumstances, including how best to use available technology and software solutions to adapt. The more agile you and your team are, the better prepared you are for remote work now and into the future.

Chances are your organization has experienced some stumbling blocks as you transitioned to using work from home tech. Our team has years of experience in setting up robust systems for clients and we welcome the opportunity to share our expertise with you. Click here to connect with us for a consultation today.

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