Technology |June 2, 2019

Trusted Partner Review, Telnet Worldwide

Jeff Gendron
June 2, 2019

From the very beginning, we as an organization have always understood and respected the power of Partnerships. We are very fortunate to have as our partners some of the very best providers in their respective expertise.

Telnet Worldwide, based out of Troy Michigan, is one of these valued partners, and has been with us since our business began. They have, and continue to be one of the premier providers of Voice Services, whether it be Analog, Digital, or IP in the region.

No matter the platform, voice quality for our clients is the priority of our organization . One of the reasons the partnership with Telnet is so strong is that they hold dear the same mission. 24/7/365 they are caring for, and improving upon, their voice network across the entire state. They truly are a world class provider with a hometown approach.

Voice is not all they do, however. They also own and operate a World Class Data Center in Southfield, MI, as well as provide data networking services across the entire State of Michigan.

They do all of this, while providing a very personal and friendly customer experience. Their Customer Care center, based in Marquette, MI is staffed 24/7/365 professionals ready to assist. They pride themselves on customer service and go above and beyond whenever possible. Telnet is proud of it’s Michigan roots, just as we are. We look forward to future success, and all of the emerging technologies that are yet to come.

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