Technology |April 20, 2019


Jeff Gendron
April 20, 2019

de·sign /dəˈzīn/ : intention that exists behind an action.

I can’t really create nor replicate good design, but I sure know it when I see it.

Think back on that moment when you first saw the iPhone, and then learned about Jobs’ role in the design process and all the intention that went behind that. Think of the Vietnam War Memorial and the power that simple design evokes very palpable emotions, and all the intention that went behind the making of that. Think of the MINI Cooper, that very recognizable design since 1957, and all the intention that existed in creating this fuel efficient yet feisty little automobile.

Many claim to be designers, but few can rightfully own it. Although brightly ( is more than a design firm, it clearly owns the title of “designer.” Strong in leadership, skilled in software engineering, savvy in marketing, brightly uniquely creates attraction and market share for their clients through their brilliance and super powers of human-centered design.

In his book, A Whole New Mind: Why Right-Brainers Will Rule the Future, Daniel Pink wrote:

“Mastery of design, empathy, play, and other seemingly “soft” aptitudes is now the main way for individuals and firms to stand out in a crowded marketplace.”

Brilliant right-brainers aren’t easy to find, nor are they generally affordable for small businesses to fully employ. Based on my very non-scientific research, experience, and gut feelings many (most?) small business owners are left-brained, logical, problem-solvers. Although there’s a bit of a shift in this these days, but if you are a left-brained small business owner, you may have difficulty identifying a skilled right-brainer without performing a myriad of tests; DISC, Strengths Finder, Rorschach test, etc.

In addition to avoiding a poor hiring decision, outsourcing and partnering with a firm, just as we would with our law firm, our accounting firm, or managed IT provider can be the most effective and most cost effective choice. It is comforting to know that such a firm such as brightly will not only bring a great design, but a whole great team of designers and engineers. Further good news is that these professional right-brainers easily identify with other people like themselves to build a cohesive team and services that no one person could provide.

What I particularly like about working with a design firm as formidable as brightly, is that it feels like the end product fits into the profit center as a revenue generator than the overhead of a cost center. At the end of the day, this is what will be the face of the business, the face of the product, the first and lasting impression of who you are and what you want the world to see your business as, that brings customers and generates profit.

If this resonates and you are seeking, or just considering, a design firm, go no further than Here you will find a team that brings brutal honesty most business owners want along with a real sense of empathy for what you want to be and be designed.

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