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What’s the Difference Between Managed & Co-Managed I.T. Services for Small Businesses?

Devin Watt
August 18, 2021

Gone are the days when only corporate giants had to worry about staffing a well-appointed I.T. department. In today’s digitally driven business environment, any back office without a comprehensive I.T. solution isn’t much of a back office at all!

But how can a small business afford and oversee the full suite of I.T. services that they need to compete in the modern marketplace?

The answer to this rather tricky question lies in securing the proper combination of managed I.T. services. After examining the fully managed and co-managed approaches outlined below, you will be one step closer to determining the right combination of I.T. services for your company.

The first step, however, is facing all the hurdles that lie between you and a sufficiently staffed I.T. department. By partnering with a high quality I.T. service provider, you can position your company for higher levels of success.

The Benefits of Managed I.T. Services

While you may have one or more in-house staff members with competence in a few areas of I.T. management, you get comprehensive coverage for all your I.T. needs when you secure the services of a managed service provider.

Many small businesses have found staffing their internal I.T. teams to be challenging if not impossible in order to keep up with today’s standards. Fortunately, technology service providers such as NuWave give small businesses access to corporate-level I.T. expertise and professionals who stand on the cutting edge of the latest network management and data security trends.

In addition to offering exceptional levels of convenience and peace of mind, contracting with a dedicated I.T. management firm can yield tremendous financial benefits. In fact, a well-connected I.T. firm offers individual services, such as cloud computing and storage, at rates that are lower than those offered by network services providers directly.

Other specific benefits of expert I.T. service management include:

  • Streamlined business functions
  • Greater levels of standardization and accountability
  • Improved customer experience and service
  • More efficient business communication channels
  • Risk management during I.T. change implementation

Managed I.T. vs Co-Managed I.T.

Of course, the key to beneficial I.T. service management lies in formulating it for optimum quality, efficiency, and cost benefits. Unfortunately, there is no single magic I.T. formula that applies universally to all businesses.

To better address the needs of specific client bases, I.T. management firms have diversified to offer two distinctive types of services—managed I.T. services and co-managed I.T. services. While many firms concentrate on one or the other, NuWave offers both. This differentiated approach allows us to put any business on the right track to success.

Managed I.T. Services

If your small business doesn’t have any internal I.T. team members at all, you are an ideal candidate for complete I.T. management.

In fact, industry experts have found that even companies with as many as 100 employees may find it more efficient and cost-effective to outsource all of their I.T. operations to an experienced partner like NuWave. Our fully managed solutions include everything that you need to develop an I.T. plan that fully aligns with your organization's budgetary restrictions and future goals.

Co-Managed I.T. Services

This track is made for businesses who have some in-house I.T. staff but are still having difficulty meeting their overall I.T. needs. Do you want to come to the aid of internal I.T. administrators who are overwhelmed and in desperate need of support? The right co-managed I.T. provider will give the precise level of support necessary for success without taking over your entire in-house I.T. department.

NuWave’s co-managed solutions can help your existing technology staff optimize I.T policies, processes, and procedures by leveraging the power of the latest industry tools, enterprise-level monitoring, and state-of-the-art management systems. We pride ourselves on being just as “hands on” or “hands off” as you want us to be.

What Type of I.T. Service Management is Best for Your Business?

Because no two companies are exactly alike, no two companies will require exactly the same I.T. service solutions. No matter what your internal I.T. department looks like today, you can benefit from a thorough audit of your I.T. support operations and needs. By connecting with us at NuWave, you can set yourself on a managed solutions path that is exactly right for you. Because we value businesses of all shapes and sizes, we excel at both fully managed and co-managed approaches. 

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