Technology |June 18, 2019

Owning the Recommendation- A Key to Client Experience

Jeff Gendron
June 18, 2019

From time to time, I am stopped during a presentation and asked to explain my mention of “owning the recommendation.” I love it when this happens, because it presents the opportunity to explain what I feel is a unique quality of what we do and how we do it.  

You see, the recommendation I am referring to is what we call a carrier partner provider. Whether it is your dialtone, your internet, or how you might connect your offices together, these carriers play an important role in how your business interacts with the outside world. Indeed, they are the means by which you interact! 

By assisting the decision process as to what carrier partner to choose, we are leveraging decades of experience in terms of placing the right carrier with the right client. And that is just the beginning, by owning the recommendation, that means we continue to care for the service, whether it is trouble reporting and escalation, as well as correcting billing issues. 

This is just another facet in how we provide a comprehensive structure of care around your IT, even the outside partners we bring to the table. Some of our industry cohorts ask me why we involve ourselves in the care and feeding of these relationships. My answer is the same: these providers play such a critical role in client up-time, the right decision and the right care must be there as part of the health of their technology. I am certain that what we do makes a positive impact for our clients, which is mission one. 

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