Technology |April 18, 2019

Moving into the Cloud- Transforming Trepidation into Excitement

Jeff Gendron
April 18, 2019

Imagine (unless you have done this already) for a moment the idea of taking all of your on-site compute resources and sending them somewhere in the country. You may never “see” the resources again, and you may never actually meet the folks on site that are assisting you. You can however, access these resources (which houses your business applications) whenever you want, from wherever you want, as they are much more available than they were sitting in your technology closet. How does this make you feel? 

Chances are, you might be a little less fearful of this idea than you were even a few years ago. This is because the Cloud has proven to be a reliable, resilient, and secure environment, as long as it is architected and supported correctly. That’s where we come in, but that’s for another blog... 

What’s more, the Cloud is starting to reveal its true power, which is liberating businesses from some old constraints and allowing them to expand at the actual pace of their business, not just at the budget. Remember the metaphor, we are renting apartments (resources) now, not buying whole new buildings (physical servers) every few years! Remember too, as a project ends, you can simply move out of the apartment (without an angry landlord). The ability to access your technological resources from anywhere and from any device is something that users are only beginning to tap into, and I see everyday what an impact this is on the pace of productivity. Clients ask me what it means to be in the cloud and my answer is usually the same: What would it feel like to never have to be in a “down” state and lose access to your business applications and data? It’s fun to watch the lights come on as they imagine that. 

So perhaps the trepidation is not being in the cloud, but getting there. How best to do it? This is where the right solution provider (like us) enters the picture, and good news: we have your back. Cloud migration when planned and coordinated correctly, can be a relatively elegant process, especially for you- the client. Let us show you how, now that hopefully you are a little more excited than you were before. 

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