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9 Benefits of Switching to UCaaS

Jeff Gendron
September 14, 2020

If potential customers, vendors, prospective employees, members of the media, or investors have a hard time getting through to you, your bottom line will naturally suffer.

The future growth of your organization relies on enabling effortless communication and using the channels that your prospective customers prefer. This is why so many companies have opted to switch over from their traditional communication setup to universal communications as a service (UCaaS). With that in mind, here are 9 benefits of switching over to UCaaS for you to explore:

1. Cloud Computing Capability

When your company is responsible for maintaining its own IT infrastructure, it can wreak havoc with your IT budgeting. You don’t always know how much additional capacity you will need when IT issues arise, and since it’s difficult to predict this accurately, you may not be distributing assets as efficiently as possible. Relying on a cloud service provider to handle your UCaaS means you won’t have to deal with setting up new servers, arranging for safe and secure backups, or doing software updates for upgrades or security issues.

2. Lowered Costs

Adopting a UCaaS approach lowers costs compared to traditional business communication systems as there is no need to invest in additional servers or add bandwidth to your facility. With a cloud based phone system, you only pay for the computing services you actually need at the moment. The result is lower hardware costs—as well as lowered pressure on your own IT department.

You can expect to realize savings because the UCaaS platform works as your phone system and dial tone carrier. The result is a dramatic reduction in the phone bill, if it is not eliminated entirely after migrating these services. Under a scalable approach like this, clients pay a monthly fee per user and only pay more as they add new users to accommodate business growth.

3. More Flexibility

The more flexible your organization’s communication, the easier it is to address your customer’s needs and desires. A customer might begin with a phone inquiry, then switch to email for follow up questions, and then use text or video conferencing to fill in the details with your team.

What’s more, your own team can use their preferred devices (laptop or smartphone) under a bring your own device or BYOD policy, which makes your organization even more flexible and responsive.

4. Increased Functionality

Improved interaction is possible when you work together using a UCaaS platform. Remote workers can easily participate in company-wide meetings, and it’s easy to check on a person’s availability and then determine if it’s best to arrange a video conference, rely on emails, or switch to text messages as the situation warrants. Instead of playing phone tag, your team can implement a “follow my phone” option to ring their office landline first; then if there’s no answer, the call can switch to a smartphone. It’s simple for users to move a call between their office phone and mobile device at will, in the event they need to leave the office midway through a conversation.

5. Remote Worker Situations

These days, more people are working remotely than ever before in an effort to reduce the spread of COVID-19. UCaaS is beneficial for remote worker situations as it helps members of your team stay in touch using their laptop, desktop, and mobile devices. And it’s not a setup just to help you get by temporarily—with today’s advanced UCaaS tools, remote workers enjoy literally the same functionality, like transfer calls and extension dialing, as they would back at the office.

6. Foster Collaboration

Your employees can work together much more effectively when they enjoy the tools of unified communication. Using their preferred method to connect, there is more room to see a boost in productivity. This setup encourages you to work with offsite talent, such as a freelancer, on a new project without regard to their geographic location.

From timely voicemail recordings in lieu of a conference call, to sending text message updates on a project milestone, to sharing screens with one another, the UCaaS environment is ideal for collaborating on products and coming up with new ideas.

7. Contact Center

A successful business is only as strong as the connections that can be made through the contact center, and a lively hub for communication indicates a thriving organization. Use UCaaS to efficiently manage emails and text messages as well as customer web chats and, of course, traditional incoming phone calls.

You can also arrange for your UCaaS-anchored call center to obtain information coming in from your social media channels for a more comprehensive view of what people are discussing and asking questions about. Then easily route the inquiries to the most appropriate members of your team with the best skills and knowledge to manage each contact.

8. Reliability You Can Depend On

When a person tries to call your office or sends an email to complain, ask a question, or get a quote, you need 100% uptime on your communications network to ensure the inquiry is routed to the right person for a fast response.

Failure to reply promptly will encourage new customers as well as established customers to try working with one of your competitors instead. Reliable uptime is also crucial for maintaining clear communication between members of your own team.

9. Security to Protect Your Information Assets

Every day, criminal hackers scour the internet, probing institutions’ systems for weaknesses so they can steal sensitive and proprietary information. When you establish a cloud computing environment and set up UCaaS for improved internal and external communications, you also are taking advantage of the latest in security.

The cloud computing provider’s IT department is on duty 24/7, and they focus on protecting data with more resources than your organization could develop on your own. This means that since it’s incumbent on you to safeguard customer and employee information, you can get more service and protection for your money by letting UCaaS professionals handle the details.

Need Help Setting Up UCaaS In Your Organization?

With so many benefits of UCaaS to consider, chances are you could use the advice of some trusted professionals to address your growing need to implement universal communications as a service. The team at NuWaveTechnology Partners is standing by to assist. If you and fellow stakeholders in your organization have questions or would like a consultation, please click here to get in touch with us.

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