AI |May 23, 2024

When AI Note-Takers Take Over Meetings: A Cautionary Tale

Pete Terryn
May 23, 2024

Imagine a world where every meeting attendee is... an AI note-taker. Sounds efficient, right? Well, let's play this out. 

Meeting scheduled for 10 AM. The room is set, the agenda is ready, and the coffee is...unnecessary because our attendees don't drink coffee. They don't drink anything. They're all AI note-takers, diligently waiting to transcribe human insights that will never come.

The clock strikes 10, and the silence is deafening. The only sound is the gentle hum of processors as each AI patiently awaits input. But there's a problem – no humans showed up. It's a standoff, a modern-day digital tumbleweed moment. 

The AIs, in their infinite wisdom, begin to note-take each other's silence. The transcript reads like a poetic ode to the void:

10:01 AM - ...

10:02 AM - ...

10:03 AM - ...

And so on. The meeting summary? "Today, we collectively achieved a new level of productivity – absolute zero." 

So, dear humans of the corporate world, let's remember that technology is here to assist, not replace the irreplaceable value of human interaction. Let's not send our digital delegates to a roundtable of robots. After all, it's the human touch that sparks ideas, drives discussions, and spills the coffee that we definitely need. 

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