Technology |July 8, 2019

What's the future of 5G Wireless?

Not Just Another Network Upgrade Along with death and taxes, there seems to be another absolute that has emerged in our society that is almost just as ...
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Security Technology |
Senate Passes "Securing Energy Infrastructure Act" to Help Defend U.S. Energy Grid
On June 27, The U.S. Senate passed a bill "To provide for the establishment of a pilot program to identify security vulnerabilities of certain entities in the energy sector." "... cited as the Securing Energy Infrastructure Act" As stated in the Press ...
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Events |
July Events
Less is more is an axiom used quite a bit these days, and it’s something that has been front of mind for me as we prepare the material for our upcoming lunch and learns.  I happen to prefer lunch and learns over a large audience event, based primarily on less ...
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Security |
Security Tip: SBAM Security Assessment
On June 20, 2019, the Small Business Association of Michigan launched the SBAM Security Assessment tool for SBAM members to assist them in taking the first step into aligning their businesses to the NIST Cybersecurity Framework for Small Businesses. First ...
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Technology |
SD/WAN- A real world example
Here is something really cool that happened with a client a few months ago. Last year, we had completed a complete revamp of their old MPLS and moved them to a new SD/WAN architecture. With 18 sites, this was a nice sized project and I am pleased to say it ...
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